Estate Settlement

This process, which includes several tasks required to successfully and properly settle one’s estate, can be very long and onerous on your loved ones and closest friends in the absence of mandating a notary to assist in your estate settlement.

In order to reduce complications and guarantee professionalism in settling your estate, we will perform all the required acts required in order to ensure that your estate is settled properly.

We will perform the following tasks:

  • Providing a proof of death (copy of an act of death);
  • Provide a will search certificate from the Chambre des notaires and Barreau du Québec in order to confirm your last will and testament;
  • Probate of the will, in the event that the will was not signed before a notary;
  • Analysis of the testamentary dispositions;
  • Determination of the heirs to the estate;
  • The appointment of a liquidator: in the absence of a will in which the liquidator is named, the law allows the heirs to appoint a liquidator to the estate;
  • Liquidation of the family patrimony and rights pertaining to the matrimonial regime;
  • Determination of the Deceased’s patrimony;
  • The publication of relevant notices;
  • Preparation of an Inventory;
  • Accepting or renouncing the succession;
  • The payment of debts and particular legacies;
  • The transmission of property;
  • Certificates of discharge from the relevant tax authorities to permit the final distribution of property to the heirs;
  • The rendering of account;
  • Partition of the succession.
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