Purchase and sale of a property

Purchasing and selling a home carries many important effects that can carry serious consequences if not completed and done properly. For these reasons, we strongly advise that you contact a notary when purchasing or selling a property.

We offer many services when it comes to the purchase and sale of property. In order to ensure that you are best represented, we provide all of our clients with the following services:

  • Review of the promise to sell/purchase, as the content of this document cannot be disregarded once it has been signed;
  • Title Search to ensure the vendor is the true owner of the property and that the vendor has the legal capacity required to sell it;
  • Review of a recent certificate of location to verify whether or not the dimensions of the lot are correct, the buildings on the property have been properly erected and in compliance with municipal by-laws and zoning regulations, etc.
  • Administration of funds in my trust account: all funds received in my trust account will not be released until the sale has been published without any unknown recent encumbrances (i.e. legal hypothecs);
  • Preparation and execution of all necessary documents regarding real estate transactions (i.e. Deed of Sale, Deed of Hypothec, etc.).
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